Kubernetes helm chart notes

Helm3 2020-04

  1. On local chart (main deployment of all components)
    1. helm repo index .
      • This index's charts under ./charts and create a new ./index.yam
    2. helm repo add stable https://kubernetes-charts.storage.googleapis.com/

    3. helm repo add
    4. helm search repo rabbitmq

Helm setup 2020-01

  1. Create a dir and add Chart.yaml with version and maintainer.
  2. Create requirements.yaml file with external charts needed
    • search for versions with $ helm search -l stable/rabbitmq-ha 

  3. Install local charts from google with $  helm dependency update 

  4. Verify with $  helm dependency list 

Install 2019-03

201903 add ingress and static ip

  1. Get k8s nodeResourceGroup grom gui or with

    az aks show --resource-group <rgK8S> --name <clusterName> --query nodeResourceGroup -o tsv
  2. provision static ip with

    az network public-ip create --resource-group <MC_K8S_from_above> --name <cluster-PublicIP> --allocation-method static
  3. assign ip to nginx ingress controller

    helm install stable/nginx-ingress  -namespace kube-system  --set controller.service.loadBalancerIP=""  --set controller.replicaCount=2

Run 2019-02


HELM install/uninstall


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