2012 Sundowners ridge AGM report

  1. Welcom
  2. Overview
    • Last AGM 2010, no AGM in 2011, waiting for audited financials.
    • Problems with Constantia, late payments, interest etc.
    • Looked at other managing agents.
    • Scorpions closed down Constantia, we immediately moved to Status mark, and informed owners to pay money to Statusmark.
      • We lost R100k savings, with other expenses in the region of R160k.
      • Curator appointed to sort things out, going very slow.
      • Once done we can lodge a claim with estate agents board.
    • Moved to Statusmark, but quickly realised that there books was worse, money again in a pooled trust account.
    • Move do Justus J1A1 - with our own account at Standardbank.

      • Ben does the payments
      • Justus reconciles the account every month.
    • Financials looking good, partly be cause we did not do any maintenace.
  3. Need to vote on
    1. Who pays for maintenance.
    2. Garage door maintenance - R500/perdoor.
    3. Window frames.
    4. Paving, sags in places, gate emergency.
    5. Re-check roofs.
    6. Insurance - geyser burst, excess - option to reduce it.
    7. Gate storage room + toilet.

    4. Concerned about high complex water bill.

  4. Encourage people to serve on committee, Marion started last year.
  5. Thank committee for all the work. Golden, Marion, Ben, Stan.
  6. Thank Judy@ #2 for using the Bowls club house.


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