Salt Stack configuration management

salt edit /etc/fstab

Cloud deploy salt-cloud

Fix salt-stack apt repo to stable version

Run from dev branch

Do grains lookups for mine values

SaltStack errors and notes

ERROR:201905 - state.apply "Rendering SLS 'base:<xx>' failed: mapping values are not allowed in this context"

ERROR:201904 - state.apply "- Rendering SLS 'base:<xx>' failed: did not find expected alphabetic or numeric character"

ERROR:201811 - mine.get - Unable to manage file: Jinja error: too many values to unpack

ERROR:201811 - unicode

ERROR:201810 - docker

ERROR:201810: salt pip AttributeError: type object 'InstallRequirement' has no attribute 'from_line'

Resolve error on Ubuntu 16.04

  1. Uninstall all pip i can with

    pip2 freeze > req.all.txt
    pip2 uninstall -y -r req.all.txt
    #remove files i cant uninstall
    # loop back to pip2 uninstall
  2. apt uninstall salt-minion and salt-common
  3. apt install salt-minion and salt-common


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