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New Zealand Import tax

New Zealand (NZ) Import goods (2019)

Log import 1 Day before arrival or within 20 days - TIPS - Business plan

Procedure to start importing Obtain unique user identifier (UUI). Complete Form NZCS_224 -

email to , with copy of photo ID/Passport

Obtain Customs declarant code and a unique user identifier (UUI) = PIN keep secret Complete form C10_JBMS

Complete form NZCS_228

Take completed forms to local Customs Office Physical address: Customhouse, 50 Anzac Avenue, PO Box 29, Shortland Street, Auckland 1140 You may also be required to provide evidence of your ability to use the Customs computerised entry processing system – or undertake an assessment of competency with a Customs officer Registration with B2BE: NZ company details Register with ECN to submit electronic declarations. NZ$ 4.95 per submission Supplier must have a supplier code if value of goods > N$1,000, they may already have one. else form NZCS_226

Lodge declaration on Web Training by CBAFF Customs Broker and Freight Forwarders Federation on +64 9 419 0042 or email

Costs NZ$ 4.95/Import - Each cleared entry (to either NZ Customs or MPI) is charged at NZ$4.95 (plus GST). Pre-paid to B2BE - Info Sites

New Zealand Post Ltd has in-house brokers who can undertake the clearance of goods sent via the postal system.


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