Golden Rules for survival...

  1. Always keep your "in base troops below hospital cap", this means click your hospital click recover, and look at the number at top. never leave a lot more troops than that in base, always be gathering (if sleeping or offline for while)
  2. Always farm the zombies on map (max level you can hit) for the supplies + officer xp etc items that will benefit you so much into boosting your attack/defense etc.
  3. Always research the military weapons/armor/hp techs + commander bonuses, these buffs enhance attack and defence strength.
  4. Reinforced alliance under attack... When being attacked send x amount troops ( under hospital limit) but some wont be able to send because reinforcement limit..., so what you do is, make sure your forces arrive within 1-4 seconds of the attackers so your troops join in and reinforce them. (no losses only wounded and free kills)
  5. Hiding troops, don't leave city empty just keep troops at max wounded troop capacity, extra troops can do
    • Long RSS(resource) mining, you can send more than is needed
    • Alliance fort
    • Hide with allies that have a long running shielded, just check shield time.

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