AndroidAgeOfZ how to maximize RSS resources

Ways to get more

  1. Upgrade farm levels - obvious
  2. Harvest using army, one optimization is to use all slots, e.g. at lvl 12 you get 3rd transport, split army in 3rds when harvesting as each mine only produces at certain rate.
  3. You can harvest power ore without using a slot, thus send smaller army and sent them a couple of time to get the daily allowance.
  4. Overnight target your alliance elite mines, or big mines you can find by using search tool on map, to ensure your army stays busy most of the night.
  5. When you get a chance to allocate commander skills, target Development -> Harvest, allows you to get max RSS twice a day just by using the skill.

  6. Grow army / Train troops, they do the collecting work.
  7. Upgrade House's and get more refugees from Ruins, they give a big harvesting boost.
  8. Improve research related to RSS
  9. Appoint generals(purple) that have some RSS benefit
  10. Use all mobility (max 100) to hunt max size zombies that you can kill, for RSS packs.

Safely store/hide rss

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